5th Workshop on Non-Equilibrium Fluctuation Theorems


January 11 (Sun) - 13 (Tue), 2015

Hidden Bay Hotel, Yeosu, Korea

Current studies on nonequilibrium statistical physics such as fluctuation theorems, large deviation theory, fluctuation-dissipation relations, etc.

Organizers: Hyunggyu Park, Chulan Kwon, Jae Dong Noh, and Jae Sung Lee


Subject of the workshop


Contact: jslee (at) kias.re.kr

Participant list

고광일    (고려대)            권철안    (명지대)            전재형    (KIAS)              정영균    (KISTI)

노재동    (서울시립대)      박수찬    (가톨릭대)         박종민    (서울시립대)      박혁규    (UNIST)

박형규    (KIAS)             손승우    (한양대)            여준현    (건국대)             유동환    (명지대)

이동윤    (부산대)            이재성    (KIAS)             이현근    (KIAS)              천현명    (서울시립대)

하미순    (조선대)            엄재곤    (KIAS)             X. Durang (ΚΙΑS)          G.Paneru   (UNIST)

심평섭    (서울시립대)      김기범    (IBS)

Sponsored by

National Research Foundation of Korea